It’s time to mark your calendars for August 13th! Nation Prosecco Day 2023 invites us to celebrate Prosecco, the epitome of one of the Italian best sparkling wine.

An Epitome of Finesse

Nation Prosecco Day stands as an annual homage to the quintessence of Italian viticulture – Prosecco. Born from the vineyards gracing the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, this sparkling jewel epitomizes artistry and tradition. As the sun’s tender caress graces the Glera grape, it embarks upon a journey of meticulous vinification, culminating in the symphony of bubbles that dance upon the palate.

A Symphony of Nuances

Beyond its effervescence, Prosecco is a canvas of flavors that demand attention and admiration. Imagine a harmonious composition of green apple’s crispness, the zest of citrus fruits, and the fragrant whispers of white blossoms. Each sip orchestrates a delightful interplay of aromas and tastes, leaving an indelible impression upon the senses.

Noteworthy Insight: To elevate this experience, one might consider pairing Prosecco with epicurean delicacies such as bruschetta, delectable seafood, or an arrangement of fresh fruits and artisanal cheeses.

Commence the Jubilation!

The commencement of this jubilation necessitates a well-chilled bottle of Prosecco, poised to inaugurate the festivities. Whether envisaging an intimate toast amongst confidants, an opulent gala, or a virtual vinous symposium, the elegance of Prosecco unfailingly bestows an air of refinement upon the occasion.

An Ode to Opportunities: Bridging B2B Horizons

Nation Prosecco Day transcends mere revelry; it espouses potential commercial avenues. For those immersed in the realms of wholesaling, importation, haute gastronomy, or the proprietors of establishments exuding cosmopolitan charm, the advent of this day augurs a prospect for profound augmentation. Prosecco, being more than a beverage, represents an ethos, an experience ripe for dissemination.

Are You of the Trade? Contemplate the allure of augmenting your repertoire with a selection of Prosecco, a surefire stratagem to captivate discerning clientele and foment a sustained allure.

A Toast to Prospects: Forging Connections

Eager to navigate this terrain of effervescent enterprise? We extend a hand in guiding your foray into the realm of Prosecco-inspired elegance, discerning the latent potential for your endeavor. Kindly establish contact with us at, and let us navigate the realms of innovation and sophistication that Prosecco can infuse into your commercial enterprise.


As the countdown unfolds toward the illustrious Nation Prosecco Day 2023, let flutes be poised, palates be primed, and spirits be uplifted in celebration. Prosecco transcends its identity as a libation; it becomes an embodiment of mood, ambiance, and cultivated finesse. To you, to the allure of Prosecco, and to the unexplored vistas of grandeur – a toast resounds with fervor and sophistication.

Disclaimer: The consumption of alcohol is to be undertaken solely by individuals of legal drinking age. Prudence in imbibing is advised.


For more information or to discover our exquisite selection of organic Prosecco, contact us at Cheers to a bubbly journey of sustainability and indulgence!


Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

DOC Extra Dry Millesimato

Organic wine

Fine and persistent perlage, inebriated with floral aromas of broom and gentian with a vegetal note of sage and mint, enlivened by fruity aromas of grapefruit, pineapple and golden apple. Soft, savoury and persistent on the palate, pleasantly lively and light.