DOC Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato

€ 13,90

Organic wine

Staffilo Prosecco DOC Rosé is made from a blend of exclusively organic Glera and Pinot Noir grapes.

The soft pink colour and the fine bubbles give It a pleasant and bright appearance, the floral notes of rose petals, peony and its fruity bouquet a refinement in the balance and in the olfactory returns with an enveloping and delicate taste. We recommend to serve our Prosecco DOC Rosé at a temperature of about 6-8° C in a pairing with fish crudités or with tempura-cooked Adriatic prawns served with oranges and fennel salad.

Venice Soul

Staffilo wines, from the ancient Greek word σταφύλια (grape), originate near the Venetian shore, an area once chosen by the Doges as their personal wine cellar.