Aperitivos with Prosecco are surely the perfect way to make any social occasion unique. Let’s discover together 10 aperitifs based on Prosecco with a unique and unmistakable flavor.

Spritz: the tradition of happy hours

Spritz, a long alcoholic drink symbol of the aperitivo ritual, can be easily made. In fact, in addition to 3 parts of Prosecco, it needs 2 parts of Bitter and one of sparkling water, fizzy or soda. Versatile in use, Spritz is the ideal companion for any aperitivo. The version with Prosecco Rosé is also worth noting: elegant, innovative and quick to prepare.

Hugo: the symbol of the coming summer

In recent years, the use of Hugo Spritz has taken hold, both during the aperitivo and after dinner, as a reference cocktail. This drink, an alternative to Spritz, is very refreshing and can be made by anyone, even at home, since the ingredients are not many and the preparation is very easy. In fact, the recipe includes: Prosecco, elderflower syrup, seltzer, mint leaves, a few apple slices and a cube of ice. In addition, it is possible to make the restyling of Hugo Spritz which involves replacing Prosecco with Prosecco Rosé. This alternative version gives a touch of superior class to the cocktail symbol of the summer.

Germain Spritz: stories of special encounters

This is a particular version of the traditional Spritz, in vogue in recent years. Its realization involves the use, in addition to Prosecco, of Weizen beer and Select. It stands out thanks to the encounter between particular flavors, in fact, even if different from each other, the main ingredients never clash and the delicate but decisive taste of the cocktail benefits.

Rossini: a great classic of mixology

Rossini is a Prosecco-based aperitif, a great classic of mixology at the international level, dedicated to the homonymous Italian composer. The mix between the fizziness of the Prosecco bubbles and the sweetish taste of strawberries gives the palate unique and unrepeatable sensations. To make it, you only need 10 cl of Prosecco and 5 cl of strawberry puree.

Bellini: the invention of Cipriani

1948, Harry’s Bar, Venice. The story tells that Giuseppe Cipriani, the bartender of the place, gave life to the cocktail using Prosecco and puree of peaches from Verona. The strong and lively hints of Bellini give the taste of unique and sensational emotions.

Puccini: the color of the sun remembering music

Once again, fruit is the protagonist, in fact, the Venetian drink in question, dedicated to the musical composer, involves the use, in addition to Prosecco, of mandarin juice. The two alcoholic actors inside the drink resonate with very sophisticated flavor notes and the final result of the mix can certainly be defined as a winning combination.

Tiziano: a piece of Venice

Dedicated to the homonymous Venetian painter, the cocktail in question is dedicated to those looking for taste and healthiness. In fact, in addition to being low in calories, Tiziano is assembled following a precise diktat: taste first. In this regard, Prosecco, combined with black grape juice, gives rise to a dark and cloudy mixture with a very pleasant taste.

Mimosa: a drink with a centuries-old history

The Mimosa cocktail was invented by the barman of the Ritz Hotel in the distant 1925. Realizable with only 7.5 cl of Prosecco and 7.5 cl of orange juice, it is presented to the palate with a persistent and gentle taste at the same time. The encounter between Prosecco and orange juice is overall pleasant.

Negroni Sbagliato: when the mistake doesn’t matter

The original version of the cocktail is said to have been born at the Bar Basso in Milan in the 1960s. Over the years, the cocktail has spread throughout Italy, especially in the Veneto region. It differs from the Florentine version because, instead of gin, Prosecco is used. Campari, Vermouth and Prosecco: only 3 main ingredients for a cocktail with an unmatched taste.

Pomegranate and Prosecco Cocktail: innovative and easy to make

The pomegranate and Prosecco cocktail is a light and easy to prepare aperitif, to be used, for example, as a welcome drink before the appetizers. The preparation is made with the pressing of the pomegranate seeds mixed with sugar, tonic water and Prosecco. The red color gives a touch of vivacity that makes the aperitivo stand out in the eyes of diners. The fresh cocktail is, in a sense, a revision of the original Spritz recipe, from which several ingredients are taken. In addition, pomegranate is a fruit with pronounced beneficial properties, passed down from the Romans to the Arabs, passing through the Phoenicians and Greeks. Finally, it is remembered that this aperitif is considered the Cocktail of Fortune.

The choice of Prosecco: the basis of every aperitif

Thanks to its fruity flavor and delicate aroma, Prosecco goes well with any type of fruit and with many of the cocktails. However, it should be reiterated that, at the basis of the Aperitivos with Prosecco, there must be a good bubble, in fact, the success of every cocktail is linked to a choice of raw materials of the highest quality.

Et voilà: now all you have to do is put into practice the lessons imparted and make some wonderful Prosecco aperitifs!


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Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

DOC Extra Dry Millesimato

Organic wine

Fine and persistent perlage, inebriated with floral aromas of broom and gentian with a vegetal note of sage and mint, enlivened by fruity aromas of grapefruit, pineapple and golden apple. Soft, savoury and persistent on the palate, pleasantly lively and light.