If you’re curious about wines, you re in the right place. Here we’ll provide you with a full guide on how to discover if a wine is organic.

What Does Organic Wine Mean?

Organic wine refers to wine produced using grapes cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. This cultivation process respects the environment and plants, minimizing the negative impact on the ecosystem.

How to Tell If a Wine Is Organic?

The simplest way to tell if a wine is organic is to look for organic certification on the wine label. Organic certification is issued by third-party certification bodies, such as the Consortium for the Control of Organic Products (CCPB), which oversee and certify the organic wine production process.

Some producers also use terms like “organic farming,” “natural wine,” or “biodynamic wine” to indicate that their wine is organic. However, these terms are not standardized and do not guarantee that the wine is actually organic.

Benefits of Organic Wines

Organic wines offer numerous advantages over conventional wines. Firstly, the cultivation process respects the environment and plants, meaning organic wine is healthier and tastier. Additionally, organic wines are free of chemical residues, which can cause allergies and health issues. Finally, organic wine producers strive to reduce the negative impact on human health and the environment, making them an ethical and sustainable choice.

The Case of Organic Prosecco

After learning how to tell if a wine is organic, it’s time to focus specifically on organic Prosecco, highlighting why it should be preferred over its conventional counterpart. In a nutshell, organic Prosecco is produced without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals for the environment and health. Moreover, organic cultivation techniques promote biodiversity and soil well-being. Choosing organic Prosecco means supporting more sustainable and responsible agriculture and enjoying a superior-quality product.


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Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

DOC Extra Dry Millesimato

Organic wine

Fine and persistent perlage, inebriated with floral aromas of broom and gentian with a vegetal note of sage and mint, enlivened by fruity aromas of grapefruit, pineapple and golden apple. Soft, savoury and persistent on the palate, pleasantly lively and light.